Welcome to the Blogger Tutorials series and this is the 2nd post. Today we will look at setting up a blogger blog.

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As we have talked if you want to create a blog on the blogger.com you need to have a Google Account so if you have one go ahead and follow the post and if not click here and make one.

Setting Up A Blogger Blog

First visit the www.blogger.com or simply click here and the screen will appear given in the picture(Fig.1.1)

blogger home screen


After you see the following screen click on create a new blog and the following window will get appear.(Fig.1.2).

blogger create new blog


Type in the name of your blog and give it a address and make sure you will get a sub-domain for eg- example.blogspot.com if you want to get a domain like example.com you had to buy it.

After creating the blog on blogger the dashboard will look like this(Fig.1.3)

blogger dashboard


Writing your first post is very simple just click on new post and the following screen appears(Fig.1.4) then write whatever your blog is about.

blogger post writing


Congratulations!! you had written your first post.

Few Important Things In Blogger

Status Button

This button gives the window where you can check your blogs status or traffic report that how much visitors are coming to your blog and from which  country are they.(Fig.1.5)

status tab blogger blog


Layout Button

By clicking on this button you can customize your blog’s layout simply for example widgets/gadgets. You can also add a custom HTML/JavaScript gadget to add your own HTML code or add ads.(Fig.1.6)

blogger layout window pic


Theme Button

With this button you can change the theme/template of your blog. By default blogger gives you various themes but I recommend going with premium themes distributed online by clicking here.

Want to change the defaults themes given by  blogger then

Let’s Change The Theme And Use Custom Theme In Blogger

Changing default themes to custom themes is very simple even a child can do it then why can’t you.

First download premium theme distributed online by clicking here. There are paid and free themes available.

Click on themes button click on Backup/Restore the following screen appears(Fig.1.7)

custom theme upload blogger


Then click on browse button given navigate to the .xml file which you had downloaded and then simply click upload. I recommend you to download your backup by clicking download button as if you had any post.

Now you had completed setting up a blogger blog.

That’s All In This Tutorial 2

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