No Need to Carry Documents: How Govt’s DigiLocker App Works

No Need To Carry Documents: What is DigiLocker and how it works?

Hey there everyone! If you are from India and often forget to carry your official documents like driving license etc. Then today we would be talking What is DigiLocker and How it works? We will also discuss how to make one account as well.

What is DigiLocker And How It Works?

Now the Government of India has announced if you present your official documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card etc. will be said to be valid if they are presented in digital form.

DigiLocker is the app which will help you in carrying your official documents in digital format.

DigiLocker is launched it self by the Government of India, which is said to be a cloud service. It is the service available for both Android and iOS.

DigiLocker works on the Aadhaar, which means your DigiLocker cloud storage would be connected to your Aadhaar.

If you don’t know what is cloud storage? then in simple words it is a storage on the internet. Here in  DigiLocker you would get 1GB of cloud storage.

How to make DigiLocker account?

You can make a DigiLocker account in just 5 minutes by following the steps mentioned below:-

Download and install the latest DigiLocker application from Google Play Store Or App Store.

No Need to Carry Documents: How Govt’s DigiLocker App Works 1

Once after installing if you open the app it would ask for signup.

Proceed by entering your mobile number and enter the OTP sent to your mobile.

No Need to Carry Documents: How Govt’s DigiLocker App Works 2

After entering OTP it would ask you to create a user name and a password. (Setting up the username is complicated. It should be between 3-50 characters and the app says it can contain only lowercase letters, number and special characters. While entering your password also, you have to use combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Here also you can only use specific symbols.)

No Need to Carry Documents: How Govt’s DigiLocker App Works 3

After signing up successfully, the app will ask you to register you Aadhaar number, along with an acknowledgement that you have given your consent to DigiLocker to use your Aadhaar number.

After putting in your Aadhaar number, the app will again send an OTP to the mobile number and email ID registered with the Aadhaar number. Enter the OTP in the given space and click continue.

No Need to Carry Documents: How Govt’s DigiLocker App Works 4

You will see a pop-up saying that it is fetching data from the UIDAI.

After its done loading, you will see your Aadhaar card on the app. You have successfully set up your DigiLocker and you will see three types of tabs.

Dashboard :Your Dashboard shows you the summary of your documents. It shows the number of uploaded and issued documents as well as notifications that mostly ask you to issue the rest of your documents from the respective ministries.

Issued Documents :-This section shows you the documents you have issued on your DigiLocker.

Uploaded Documents:- This section shows all the documents which are uploaded by you.

DigiLocker is safe?

Can we say DigiLocker is safe or not. The points below are about its security:-

  • DigiLocker uses 256 bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for information transmitted during any activity.
  • It uses mobile authentication based signup via OTP (one time password) for authenticating users and allowing access to the platform.
  • To protect citizen’s account from unauthorised access, the system is designed to terminate session automatically after a certain time of inactivity.

Your doubts related to What is DigiLocker and how it works ? would be clear now.

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