My First Google: Gokul ||Discovered Internet For The First Time||

Discovered Internet For The First Time

Hey there everyone I am back with a new and interesting post. Here in this post I will tell you about my funny story of knowing of a thing  Internet in my life.

My story starts from a city of Nepal known as Dharan, where I got my first computer in my life and even it was the first computer of our family and at that time I was in 1st class.

At the beginning I used to play a lot of games and suddenly an very funny and remarkable incident happened in my life which made me know about the Internet.

Story Begins

As I got my PC I was much in games and one day when I went to my friends home which was next to ours.

I sat there near his big brother and was watching the game play of “GTA San Andreas” he suddenly opened up chrome which I didn’t knew what is that.

Then he typed the but i was just looking at the white screen, then he searched for “Dragon Ball Z” images and I was shocked that how come the Dragon Ball Z came up just by typing it. He searched a lot more for Example:– Pokemon, Power Rangers etc I was surprised to see the magic which was happening.

Then I asked “what is that?”and he said its Google and I misheard the something word like “Gokul” which would be strange to hear.

When I went back to my home and my father came from the office I asked my father “Will you buy me a Gokul ? ” he got surprised to hear the word Gokul that there isn’t any software name Gokul. After some questions and answers he said “I will get it for you”.

The Funny And The Most Remarkable Moment Comes

As I go to school by bus and there was a cyber cafe where it was written “Google” but I was in 1st class and don’t have much good reading so, I always read it “Gokul” as I also have misheard the word “Gokul”.(In The Figure 1.1 is that Cyber Cafe’s Location)

My First Google Gokul Discovered Internet For The First Time
Figure 1.1 (Source Google Maps)

We waked inside the cyber cafe my father asked the shop owner are you having the “Gokul” software and they said they don’t have any software named this.

When we came outside the cyber cafe my father asked me where it is written “Gokul” and I said there it is written and he suddenly burst out with a laughter and he was continuously laughing for more then 5 minutes.

Then I asked why are you laughing then he said ” Its not Gokul its Google”. Then my father gave information about the internet and the Google and got an internet connection.

After that I got to know internet for the first time in my life.

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