My AdSense Approved For My Another Blog Hoooray…

my adsense approved for my another blog hoooray

My AdSense Approved For My Another Blog Hoooray…

My AdSense account for my blogger hosted site is approved and I can’t tell you how hard it was to get approval, so today I will tell you my story to get my Techno Minto blog approved.

My Story Of Getting Approved

My AdSense Approved For My Another Blog Hoooray... 1

I started working on that blog from october 2017 and I was posting the posts only twice a month and till now I got 21 posts and I then applied for adsense at first apply my application was rejected saying that “Your site don’t compile with our program policies.

Then when I asked someone in the forum that why I got rejected and he said ” You didn’t made any about us page and a privacy policy page which helps in getting approved.

Then I added those pages and re-applied and after applying I got the approval after almost 3 weeks which was a very long time.

During this time I used to go to Google Forums and ask about why my adsense application is still under review and I always get the answer it can even take 2 months.

This was my story to get approved.

I had also applied for my this site. I know it doesn’t comply with adsense policies but let’s check if they..

That’s All

That’s all in today’s post meet you in my next post.

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