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How to start a website in India in 2018

Hello and welcome visitor my name is Bhupender Singh. I am the manager of this site on which you are reading this.

I am a student and I love to write blog posts and an idea came o my mind that I should be writing a blog then I decided to make a all in one site where you will get not even blog posts also many other features for example you can ask any question and answer can be given by any one of you.
Now let’s talk about me. I had already told my name and once again telling my name is Bhupender Singh. I am among those people who love technology and I want to became an software engineer at Google. I also know basic programming of Java and of course if you know Java then you can also built Android apps. I also know Web Designing that’s I am capable of handling this site.
I will be bringing posts on various topics but my main topic would be Technology other than that I would be writing posts on Bollywood news and motivational articles which can motivate you.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my site………
Hope You Visit Again……..

One thought on “All In One India Website Visit Us!!!

  1. Hi Bhupender Singh,
    First off, Congratulations On This Post. This is a great post. Everything takes time and we all have the same amount of hours in a day so put them to good use. All your hard work is much appreciated.
    Off to share this post now with my friends.

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