HTML Basic Tutorial For Beginners

HTML Basic Tutorial For Beginners

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

This is usually used to build static web pages. This was founded by Tim Berners-Lee.

HTML has various versions for example HTML1 HTML2 and the latest one HTML5.

Starting Writing In HTML

For writing HTML you will need the following applications.

For writing HTML open Notepad which comes preinstalled in Windows and you can also use any other editor as well for example Brackets, Notepad++ etc.

A web browser to see your created HTML page.

Now you can begin writing first program.

Basic Structure Of HTML



<title>Hello This Is Heading</title>



<h1>this is a heading</h1>



The Output Will Look Like This

this is a heading

Try above The code by pasting it in notepad and save that file as index.html then open it in a web browser just by going to the saved location and double click on it.

Most Common HTML Tags

A tag starts from a starting (tag)  <> and ends with a ending (tag) </>.

Commonly Used Tags In HTML are:—-

<html></html> This is used to start writing a HTML file as you saw in above example.

<head></head> This is used to define almost non-visible components.

<title></title> This defines the title of the webpage in a web browsers tab.

<body></body> This defines the components in the web page for example paragraphs and other media.

<h1></h1> This shows the heading at bigger size. You can edit the number 1 to number 6 for headings.

<p></p> This defines a simple paragraph but if you want to increase the size then you can use the valur of number 1 to number 6 same as the <h1> tag.

There are lots more tags in HTML.

Let’s Try An Example






<h1>Welcome To Our Website</h1>


<h4>About You</h4>

<p3>Type About You And Please Try To Understand the code I had written</p3>


<h3>This Is End Of The Web Page</h3>




Welcome To Our Website

About You

Type About You And Please Try To Understand the code I had written

This Is End Of The Web Page

I hope now you can make a very basic HTML page. Share “HTML Basic Tutorial For Beginners” on social media.

HTML Tutorial PDF

You can download the PDF file suggested for your search “HTML Tutorial PDF” and get more information regarding HTML.

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