How To Check PNR Status On WhatsApp

how to check pnr status on whatsapp

Have you got rid 🙁 of loading website and filling of PNR  Number and waiting due to network issues to get your PNR Status then here I got you how to check PNR status on WhatsApp. So, read till end.

Check PNR Status

Checking your 10-digit PNR or live train status was a tedious job. As train passengers were required to call on the Indian Railway’s reservation enquiry number ‘139’ or had to check ICRTC’s website for updates (which too was not easy).

To simplify the process, Indian Railways recently announced partnership with online travel website Make My Trip. The tie-up brings information such as PNR status, live train status and more right on passenger’s smartphones.

How To Check PNR Status On WhatsApp

Pre-requisites 🙂

  1. You should be running the latest WhatsApp Messenger Application.

  2. An active internet connection.

  3. Keep Your PNR number handy.

Steps To Be Followed 🙂

  1. Open up the dialer app  of your smartphone.

  2. Type “7349389104”(Official MakeMyTrip) number and add it to your contacts.

  3. After saving the number, open WhatsApp on your phone and refresh the contacts list

  4. Search the contact and tap on it to open the chat window.

  5. Send your train number to check the live train status and to check the PNR status enter your PNR number.

  6. After this, MakeMyTrip will send you the real-time train status or booking status of your PNR.

Now I hope you would have got how to check the PNR Status on whatsapp.

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Checking Live Train Running Status On WhatsApp

Nothing complicated about checking the live train running status on WhatsApp just the same steps just need to follow the above steps, the only difference here is you need to replace the PNR Number with your train number you are looking for the live train running status.

Now You would have got that how to check pnr status on WhatsApp and also checking live train running status on WhatsApp.


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