Download Independence WhatsApp Viral Script For Free

Download Independence WhatsApp Viral Script For Free

If you are a AdSense publisher and want to earn 100 dollar per day from AdSense then today here I will tell you how people are earning more then 100$ per day using viral scripts. Here you will download Independence WhatsApp viral script for free.

Before starting I want to tell you this method can make your AdSense permanently disabled because this method does violates some of the AdSense terms of use.

We do not promote any AdSense policy violations and we would not be responsible for any harm to you and your AdSense.

Download Independence WhatsApp Viral Script For Free

The name of the method is viral scripts, this means you can make a website that has a WhatsApp share button which lets the user share the site.

The types of websites made are for example:- wishing sites, buying offer sites etc. and you would agree you had seen this multiple times on your WhatsApp people sending these types of  messages.

Here we would be not telling you about buying offer sites/viral script because it has much AdSense policies.

We would talk about how to make a set up wishing viral script which can be awesome enough to make people share to their contacts.

How To Make Wishing Viral Scripts

For getting started with viral script making you should know the basic HTML which is necessary for making any website or script.

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And for hosting the viral script you can use the blogger as it provides you free web hosting but before this you had to get the viral script so the question arises from where to get.

You can get these wishing viral scripts by searching on the Google and you would get tons of websites which would be distributing these scripts.

Once you had got the script you can proceed but if not download independence whatsapp viral script for free by clicking here.

Note:- You should make or setup a viral script according to the festival coming nearby which would help you earn more profit.

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WhatsApp Viral Script For Blogger Setup

Follow the steps mentioned below to setup your viral script—

  1. Make an blogger blog, if you don’t know how to setup go here How To Setup A Blogger Blog.
  2. Go to themes tab and click on settings icon under the mobile theme or iframe and set the desktop theme for mobiles.
  3.  In the themes tab only click on retrieve to classic themes.
  4. Delete the default HTML code and paste the viral script code by copying from there
  5. For adding the images or detailed tutorial please refer to the video given below.

Now you would know how you can earn 100 dollar per day from AdSense using wishing viral scripts.


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