Blogger Tutorials Introduction

blogger tutorials introduction

Want to get into the field of blogging then here starting Blogger Tutorials. This is Blogger Tutorials Introduction.

Blogger Tutorials Introduction

This tutorial series will cover up blogger blogs from starting to the end.

First let’s see why you preferred as a blogging platform.

Why Blogger?

Blogger is a blogging tool owned by Google, Blogger is almost the first blogging platform of 90% of the people. Me too as a blogger started with blogger.

Going with the blogger are many reasons.

The following are the reasons:—

1. Free : The reason behind the fame of blogger as a blogging platform is that it offers its services absolutely  free of charge and  also a free Sub-domain  as

2. Ownership : Google is owns Blogger. As we all know, Google is a major ordeal with bunches of cash in its pocket.

3. Simple to use : Blogging with Blogger is particularly well known and easy to use. Blogger do not require any specialized terms and this aspect make it a very popular platform for blogging.

4. Offers free templates : Another reason to go for Blogger is that it gives out various wonderful and stunning templates and without charging you a penny.

5. Use of different gadgets : Gadgets are one of the main attractions on a perfect blog and Blogger is the only platform that permits you to put on countless gadgets in your blog/blogs. All also all of this are available for free.

6. Customization : Blogger is likewise acclaimed for its flexibility features which gives you the ability to probably tweak the look of your template with a basic use and understanding of HTML codes and CSS

7. SEO : Within a short time, sites made on Blogger tends to get indexed by Google very fast. For progressing prevalence of any blog, SEO is absolutely very important and this might be finished effortlessly with Blogger.

8.Web Host Not Required: You don’t need to have a web host. Google hosts your blog on their servers without charging you.

9.Monetization Of Your Blog: You can earn from blogs by applying for AdSense.

Things Required

The following things are required:-

  • Google Account

Yes, just Google account to required to make a one blog.

In the upcoming post we will create one blogger blog.

Stay tuned with the series of Blogger Tutorials. This is the end of Blogger Tutorials Introduction.

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