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Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 In India

Are you in search of fitness bands then today in this particular post I had brought you the best fitness bands under 2000 in India. So lets begin with the list.

Fitness bands are now we can say it important as they can help you monitor

Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 In India

The fitness bands here mentioned are because of their user ratings and reviews on different e-commerce stores and other user rating sites.

The first fitness band in our list is Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 3

This fitness band is from the famous Chinese smartphone maker Xiomi. This fitness band has a very reasonable price of Rs. 1998 on Amazon India.

It uses the Bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone. It can be used with devices with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

Features Of  Mi Band 3

  • Mi Band 3 comes with a 0.78” OLED touch screen

  • The battery life is of 20 days which is enough at this great budget.

  • You can read messages, receive calls and even get notifications from some apps like WhatsApp, Uber etc.

  • It continuously monitors your heart beat rate, sleep analysis and advanced step tracking.

  • If you can’t find your phone, use find my phone feature and make your phone ring.

  • Its water resistance which is upto 50 meters.

You should buy Mi Band 3 as its under budget, gets you the best fitted features and it has an average rating of 4/5.

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The Second fitness band in our list is Riversong Wave O2.

Riversong Wave O2

best fitness bands under 200 in india

Riversong Wave O2 is a very nice fitness band after the Mi Band 3. It is also Bluetooth based fitness band. It has and price point of Rs. 1,999 on

Features Of Riversong Wave O2

  • It has a Wrist hemato manometer which monitors your blood pressure regularly, letting you know your physical condition at any time.

  • It has Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring optical sensor fitted with special algorithm which monitors your heart status, makes every beat count with scientific health guidance.

  • It has SPO2 function to monitor oxygen levels in the blood.

  • Activity tracker – Activity Tracker and Multi-sport mode Act as good pedometer, count steps, distance and burnt calories. Record your exercising data in different sport mode.

  • It monitors your sleep time by combining real-time dynamic heart rate algorithm, sleeping state can be monitored scientifically. Deep sleep time, light sleep time and awake time.

  • In Built USB Charging – Just insert it into USB port of the laptop, chargers or socket. No need extra cables.

You can buy Riversong Wave O2 as it is also fitted with some of the best features and its average user rating is 3.7/5.

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In our post best fitness bands under 2000 in India the final fitness band is Bolt Beat 2.0 premium.

Bolt Beat 2.0 Premium

best fitness bands under 2000 in india

Boltt Beat 2.0 Premium is in our list of best fitness bands under 2000 in India because of its user ratings, price and its features. It has and price point of Rs. 1,999 on the

Features Of Boltt Beat 2.0 Premium

  • It has an very nice battery backup of 72 hours under normal conditions.

  • It tracks hourly calories, distance, steps, flights climbed, running, walking and active time.

  • The fitness band comes with subscription of built-in Boltt AI personal fitness coach which helps you maintain your fitness.

  • It comes with the OLED touch screen.

  • As of other fitness tracker it also analyses your sleep time.

  • It has Bio-Sensing heart rate monitoring which helps you monitor heart rate during workout and training regime.

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The conclusion in this post for best fitness bands under 2000 in India comes is that you should buy Mi Band 3 fitness band as it has a good user ratings and also best in features and also it is from a trusted brand.


I hope you liked the post.

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