Cloudinary Media CDN WordPress Setup

Are you suffering a lot from the increasing load time of the images on your WordPress blog/website. Here I brought you Cloudinary. In this particular post we would do Cloudinary media CDN WordPress setup. What is Cloudinary? If you don’t know “what is Cloudinary?” then it is a company which gives the cloud storage for

How To Check PNR Status On WhatsApp

Have you got rid 🙁 of loading website and filling of PNR  Number and waiting due to network issues to get your PNR Status then here I got you how to check PNR status on WhatsApp. So, read till end. Check PNR Status Checking your 10-digit PNR or live train status was a tedious job. As train passengers were required to

Free Blogger Themes 2018

The best free blogger themes 2018 will be the search you would be the search. Here in this tutorial number 3 we would be suggesting you 10 best blogger templates for free. If you had not the Blogger Tutorial 2 And 1 Read Below Blogger Tutorials Introduction Setting Up Blogger With Custom Themes Free Blogger

Blogger Tutorials Introduction

Want to get into the field of blogging then here starting Blogger Tutorials. This is Blogger Tutorials Introduction. Blogger Tutorials Introduction This tutorial series will cover up blogger blogs from starting to the end. First let’s see why you preferred as a blogging platform. Why Blogger? Blogger is a blogging tool owned by Google,